Sunday, January 19, 2014

This and That

Garry said he wanted pinto beans (dried).

So tonight we will have beans that have been in
the crockpot, pork chops and skillet fried potatoes.

I'm trying to cook more instead of going out to eat so much.
Hope this will help with some weight loss. Plus it saves
money and gives us more home time with Puddles.

My knee is a little better today.  Just a little pain when I
walk, but getting up is a problem. Once my leg is straight
the pain eases. Thankful for that !

Since Garry works for the
government, he's off tomorrow. 

Wish I was off and we could have went to the beach.

 I've got the fever real bad.

Guess I will just have to wait for Easter weekend.

~ Cheryl ~


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