Monday, January 06, 2014

Eight !

Baby it's cold outside !!

The low night is 8 degrees.

WSOC-TV said it has not been this cold for
130 years and then it was 12 degrees.  I wonder
how true the records were back then.

It's suppose to warm back up this week end.

Stay warm my friends !
~ Cheryl ~


Country Whispers said...

Brrr... it's cold out there.
It's -4 here and let me tell you it is not pleasant to be outside. It just takes your breath away.
Stay warm!

Steph said...

Y'alls weather looks a lot like our weather! Crazy! Henry played in a little snow today...check him out ;).

Marianne said...

Was -4 here yesterday morning. I can do without these record-breaking temperatures!

Anonymous said...

You and Garry look like a great couple.
I can only wonder why you named your dog "Puddles".
Your cat lucky reminds me of my late calico cat Patches. I miss her.
I like your blog and will read a bit here and there. I also wanted to comment on the weather. I live on Baffin Island where we have extreme temperatures snow and wind. We only get severe cold warnings once the wind chill factor hits below minus 50C(-58F). On a still day when it is 40 below you may here on the local radio "Good morning, and what a beautiful day out there!"
So southern folk, when it gets cold out just remember that there are people that live in the arctic that have much colder conditions. Consider yourselves lucky I guess!
My blog is
I called it Tundra Golf. It is random stuff about life on Baffin.
Have a look.

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