Saturday, January 25, 2014

RV Show

Today Garry and I went to the RV Show in Charlotte.
Some of the rigs are beautiful and unbelievable.
Such high end and also high price.

Maybe some day we will trade our Cardinal,
but for right now it's perfect for us.

There were lots of vendors there and new campground showings.
I'm ready for some camping now !

~ Cheryl ~


Patty Sumner said...

It is amazing how those things are as nice as any home.... would be great to have one! Havea a great Sunday! Blessings!

Cristina Hamilton said...

That must've been a tempting day. I know a lot of RV owners probably drooled on the collections in display, but the perfect RV doesn't always have to be rigged up to the clouds. If your RV has everything you need, then you should be set, though it's not a bad idea to long for something so nice either. Hahaha! All the best! :)

Cristina Hamilton @ Mount Comfort RV

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