Saturday, January 18, 2014

Knee Pain

This morning Garry and I were deep cleaning the house.

Every thing was going good until I busted my butt.

I was scrubbing the bathroom floor.
The floor was wet and slick from the cleaner. I was using
the mop to get the cleaner off.  My foot slipped and down
I went. Back hitting the toilet and my leg going under me.

Tonight I can hardly put weight on my leg. The side of my knee
at the leg bend is so painful when standing. I'm sure nothing
is broken. May have pulled a tendon. Now I'm sitting here with
an ice pack. I just hate it when stupid stuff happens !

~ Cheryl ~

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Marianne said...

That's how I tore my meniscus, take it easy on that knee until you know for sure you haven't damaged something.

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