Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Sister, Romonia

Baby Sister, Romonia:
My baby sister, Romonia (she's 40+)
had surgery last Wednesday.

She could not breathe out her nose so they fixed a
Deviated septum and 2 other procedures to try and help.

Bless her heart, she has had the roughest time.
Bleeding for 5 days and not sleeping or eating, in lots of pain.

Today she went back to work for a few hours to process payroll.
Then ended up staying all day, she's so hard headed !

I just spoke with her and she's doing better, but so so tried.

Please pray that she continues to do better and will be able to rest.

We love you Monia, take care and don't over do it!!

~ cheryl & garry ~

Monday, April 02, 2012

Momma Scare

Momma Scare: When I'm at work family members do not call me
unless it's an emergency.

Today my mobile rang and it's was mom's ring tone.
I knew something was wrong and grabbed
it out of my purse.

She had been outside giving her german shepherd
(he's on a chain, will bite others) his arthritis medicine.

The pill dropped out of the bread and she had reached down
to get it.  I think he was wanting to play but his toe nail
went deep in the top of her hand and pulled to the knuckle.

She was able to drive to the office and Dr C checked
her hand out good. It was so bad you could see a tendon.

It took 12 stitches to close it up. Was given a tetanus
shot and an antibiotic to prevent infection.

Please remember her in your prayers,
hope it heals well.

~ cheryl ~

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Grooming / RV

Grooming / RV: This morning I was up at 6am.
Why do I do this on a Sunday?

Puddles had a grooming appt at 1:00 and
it didn't take about 30 mins.
I gave him a bath last night so he would not have
to stand a long time since his knee is acting up.

Garry and I worked on the RV.
Water lines flushed, floors cleaned, bed made.
We waxed it this week, so now we are ready
to roll.

It's going to be a busy summer.
Camping, April and May, then I will be at
the beach in June.

Hope your week end has been a nice one.

~ cheryl ~