Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas Decorations

Today Garry and I worked for several hours
getting the house ready for Christmas.

This year we have a new tree, 6 1/2 foot. Our last one was not
but several years old, but it was really large. Maybe I can find a
new home for it. As you can see, I didn't use ribbon, just
ornaments.  Garry likes it this way, I'm not sure if I do.

After Christmas last year I purchased these
wreaths for 75% off. With the fake snow on
them and the 100 lights I added they glow.
This is the view from the middle of the yard.
My life size metal deer to the left that I hand wired
with lights several years ago. That was a huge job
and it took me days, but I love him.
Water Oak Hill is glowing !

~ Cheryl ~

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mom's Surgery

Mom has nose surgery this afternoon.

Earlier in the year she went to a dermatologist to have a
spot on her nose checked. He said it was just a wart.

This summer it was getting bigger so she went back to her
regular dermatologist and he took a biopsy. This came back
positive for cancer cells. He removed more and the area
closed up and looked great, but that biopsy also came back
positive. This time he referred mom to a dermatologist in
charlotte that did the Mohs surgery.

Dr. El-Gamal was wonderful and had such great bed side
manners. He removed a section and that was tested. It also
came back with cells, so he went in and took more at one
end.  We were getting nervous since the nose is just thin.
But thank god this time all was clear.

He then cut more of the skin and pulled it to make a flap to
closed up the hole. I looked over and saw a piece of skin
sticking up and lots of blood. No way was I going to get in
their way to take a picture.

I'm so thankful that mom decided to go forward with this.

Morgan (niece) is going by every day to change the dressing
and puts meds on it. If it leaves a scar, mom's okay with that.

Mohs Surgery

Once finished mom asked him to look at a place on my face.
Oh no, she didn't ! 
He said it was basil cell and had to be removed. Since I have
to take mom back Wed to have the stitches removed he will
do it then. Now I will be leaving the next day for the beach
with a patch on my cheek!

Mom laughed at me on the way home, yes, she got me!
So I'm putting her picture on here .... hehehe

~ Cheryl ~

Sunday, November 17, 2013


This week we had a little snow.
It was mostly snow flurries, but the ground was
covered the next morning and with temps in the 20s.

I wonder if this is going to be a sign of our winter to come.
If it snows in my area most everything shuts down since
we do not have the equipment to clear all the roads.

This week end the temps were back up in the 70s.
Who knows what it will be next week.

~ Cheryl ~

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, November 10, 2013

What's happening ..

Not sure about every one else, but I do not like this time.
Why in the world don't they do 30 mins and leave it at that.
Suppose that's to easy !

Puddles is doing good on his chemo meds. I believe he
has a little more energy. May be we did the right thing by
putting him on it.

This week not much as been going on, work and home.
I had my mammogram and always worry about the
results since my grandma died of breast cancer.

Between now and Christmas mom or I have doctor appts
every week.  I have eye, dental and physical exams. While
Mom sees her arthritis doctor and a dermatologist. She
has a place on her nose that the biopsy's have come back
twice with cancer.  This doctor in Charlotte will remove
more tissue, test it and continue until all is clear the same
visit. I pray it's not much, since they cant go to deep with
the nose. But like mom said, we do what we have to do.

We bought a new Christmas tree last night. It's not as big
as the one we have and the branches fold up. I'm going to
like that, no more color coding. My old one is a nice tree
so I'm going to try and give it away. Think we will
decorate before we go to the beach Thanksgiving.
Love Christmas decorations!

Hope your week end has been a good one.

~ Cheryl ~

Monday, November 04, 2013

RX ~ Arizona

Puddles is doing very well, some days he
acts sick and not feeling good, but that's expected.

We are not able to get his medicine locally since it has to be
mixed.  Also our vet said there is a shortage on the Chemo
drug and she may have to call around and find it available.

A compounding pharmacy in Hickory has been making
it for us, but this time they are out and didn't know when
they were going to be able to mix any.

I spoke with our vet and informed her of this so she called
around and found a pharmacy in Arizona that could mix some.

When the pharmacy called me I gave her my information and
credit card number. It was $24 for 30 pills and $35 for Fedx
shipping. Now that shipping $ is crazy, but we don't have a
choice in it. The mixture has to be cold, so it's packed in 2 ice
packs and overnight service. Well, at least we found some.

My sweet bank sure thought they were taking care of me, NOT.
Since I used my credit card in Arizona the fraud dept closed the
card. Why in the world didn't they call or email me to verify the
purchase? ( duhhh ) Glad it was after the meds were shipped.

The next time I will use the shopsafe key! Now we have
to give our mail in pharmacies the new card number.

Puddles : Mom this is so crazy.

Mom: Yup, not every one is as smart as you, Puddles.

~ Cheryl ~

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Leaves Changing

Today after lunch, Garry and I took a ride
in the country on the way back home.

Some of the leaves are busting with color.

I love this little barn.
It's on a road behind our home.

Happy Sunday !

~ Cheryl ~