Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mom's Surgery

Mom has nose surgery this afternoon.

Earlier in the year she went to a dermatologist to have a
spot on her nose checked. He said it was just a wart.

This summer it was getting bigger so she went back to her
regular dermatologist and he took a biopsy. This came back
positive for cancer cells. He removed more and the area
closed up and looked great, but that biopsy also came back
positive. This time he referred mom to a dermatologist in
charlotte that did the Mohs surgery.

Dr. El-Gamal was wonderful and had such great bed side
manners. He removed a section and that was tested. It also
came back with cells, so he went in and took more at one
end.  We were getting nervous since the nose is just thin.
But thank god this time all was clear.

He then cut more of the skin and pulled it to make a flap to
closed up the hole. I looked over and saw a piece of skin
sticking up and lots of blood. No way was I going to get in
their way to take a picture.

I'm so thankful that mom decided to go forward with this.

Morgan (niece) is going by every day to change the dressing
and puts meds on it. If it leaves a scar, mom's okay with that.

Mohs Surgery

Once finished mom asked him to look at a place on my face.
Oh no, she didn't ! 
He said it was basil cell and had to be removed. Since I have
to take mom back Wed to have the stitches removed he will
do it then. Now I will be leaving the next day for the beach
with a patch on my cheek!

Mom laughed at me on the way home, yes, she got me!
So I'm putting her picture on here .... hehehe

~ Cheryl ~

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Marianne said...

Glad you both had these taken care of! Happy Thanksgiving and have fun at the beach!

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