Monday, November 04, 2013

RX ~ Arizona

Puddles is doing very well, some days he
acts sick and not feeling good, but that's expected.

We are not able to get his medicine locally since it has to be
mixed.  Also our vet said there is a shortage on the Chemo
drug and she may have to call around and find it available.

A compounding pharmacy in Hickory has been making
it for us, but this time they are out and didn't know when
they were going to be able to mix any.

I spoke with our vet and informed her of this so she called
around and found a pharmacy in Arizona that could mix some.

When the pharmacy called me I gave her my information and
credit card number. It was $24 for 30 pills and $35 for Fedx
shipping. Now that shipping $ is crazy, but we don't have a
choice in it. The mixture has to be cold, so it's packed in 2 ice
packs and overnight service. Well, at least we found some.

My sweet bank sure thought they were taking care of me, NOT.
Since I used my credit card in Arizona the fraud dept closed the
card. Why in the world didn't they call or email me to verify the
purchase? ( duhhh ) Glad it was after the meds were shipped.

The next time I will use the shopsafe key! Now we have
to give our mail in pharmacies the new card number.

Puddles : Mom this is so crazy.

Mom: Yup, not every one is as smart as you, Puddles.

~ Cheryl ~

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Marianne said...

We love our animals enough to do anything for them! Puddles is a lucky dog to have you!

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