Sunday, August 10, 2014

Puddles Turn

One more thing I had to do today was to give Puddles attention.

The hair grows so fast between his paw pads and it was time for
a trim. Lucky for us, he will lay back in Garry's lap while I trim. 

Last night I purchased a new kind of flea and tick shampoo.
I really love it, much thicker and stays on better. The label
says it kills fleas and eggs for up to 10 days.

 Every one that has a white dog knows you use whiten shampoo.
I have always used it and a believer that it helps.
My little silly boy is all clean and smelling good!
 Now it's time to wash his bedding. 

(I can always find something to do)

~ cheryl ~

Saturday, August 09, 2014


I have been so busy, cleaning.

It all started with cleaning the shower doors
and I could not stop until every thing was done.

Sure I clean every Thursday evening, but not
deep cleaning like this week.

Bathroom tile/grout
Bathroom tub with sos soap pad
Base boards
Ceiling fans
Old English both bedrooms furniture
Polished counter tops
Polished appliances
Wall hangings
Washed windows in/out
Washed and iron curtains and toppers
Vacuum sofa/recliner/odd chair
409 all the white doors
Dusted the kitchen wall (wine color)
Shampoo carpets (bedrooms)

I must say that Ibuprofen has been my friend.
My back can't take much more of this, but I
think I'm finished.

~Cheryl ~

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Shower Doors

Our tub/shower has glass shower doors.
I like then better that being attacked by a shower curtain.

The only problem is we have well water and they have
become milky. I have cleaned them with every thing I
could think of and still not clear as I want.

Last week I was surfing the web trying to find ideals
and all of a sudden it hit me. Try the cleaner that I use
on my glass stove top. 

Low and behold, it worked! I could not believe it!
They are as clear as they were when new.
Give it a try and use the scrub pad that is shown.

~ cheryl ~