Thursday, June 11, 2015


We live 2 miles outside of a small town.
All of us on our road have land that we farm out to the same guy.
The wheat was ready for cutting, then the straw was bailed.

Garry and I rode the fields with Kenny (neighbor) on his
new Polaris. Sure would be nice to own one, but $$$$$.

A fun night to do nothing !

~ cheryl ~

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Melting Pot

Tonight several of us from work went out for dinner.
Only 1 of us had been to the Melting Pot, so we checked it out.

The prices are high for the food portions. Plus you have to cook
it yourself at the table in a pot of boiling spices.  I enjoyed it, 
but don't care to go back.

On our way home we decided to have a 
donut since we had skipped on dessert.
It was a fun night with some great friends !

~ cheryl ~

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Mom's 80

Mom turned 80 on June 3rd.

I'm so happy that she has the ability to go and do the things she loves.

Today we gave her a birthday cook out at our house.
It was a lovely day and had 30 friends / family to attend.  Mom's sister
came in from out of town and surprised her.
While playing corn hole, Jayce decided to make us all laugh.
 He's such a sweet and happy little boy.

Our town was having a festival and when it was dark the University put
on a huge firework display. We live on a hill and had the perfect view.
Mom thought it was great to have them on her birthday.

It was a long and hard day for me, but I would do it all over again.
Love my mom !!

~cheryl ~

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Easter Camping

As always Garry and I start our camping Easter weekend at the beach.
We had great weather and a wonderful time.

The 1st day my rope hammock fell.  For some reason the S hook came

loose and I fell straight on my butt. As soon as I hit pain went up my
back and I knew I had injured or broken my tail bone. It's been over
2 weeks and I'm still having problems with it. Getting better, but still
having to take ibuprofen. Nothing can be done, but time to heal.

We always wait and leave on Monday so the traffic will be better.
Around 10 miles from the campground on I22, a tire blow out on the RV.

The tires are only a couple years old and we were shocked. At least we
had a place to pull over! Traffic came in groups, but the speed limit is
70 so they were flying.
While Gary was getting the spare out, I walked down the road to pull tire
rubber from the middle. Didn't want to be responsible for someone
hitting it and causing an accident.
On my way back to the rv, I picked up a piece that went over
the tires and put it in the rv. When we got home, I was surprised
to see the part number was on a sticker on the back, how lucky!
We were concern that a wire was pulled down.  Had brakes, tail 
lights worked, frig was working. So we came on home.
The damage could have been worse and someone could
have been hit by the rubber that came off.

During all this I was highly disappointed at a county deputy.

When I was walking down the road a deputy stopped beside me. 

Deputy:  It's a nice day for a walk
(I gave him a strange look)
Me: We had a blow out on the RV and I was picking up the rubber
Deputy: You have someone coming to help
Me: No, we're going to try and change it ourselves
Deputy: Well, becareful out here

Then he drove off !  Yes drove off !

In the pics you can see how close Garry is to the road working
on the tire. He and I both were shocked he didn't stay behind
with his light flashing. 

I had to stand down the road and motion people to move
over. Most people don't care, didn't slow down, didn't move
over and no one stopped to help, not even the rv'ers.

One of these days the deputy and others may need help,
they better hope someone stops to help them!

The wire is fixed, it went to the lights over the couch and
table. The part came in yesterday that goes over the tires.
The place we purchased our tires from sold us one at cost
and he was really sorry for the damage. Would think he would
give us a new tire, but it's all for self these days.

 In a month we are on vacation and going to try this again.
Just have to pray that nothing happens. 

(Hope you had a wonderful Easter )

~ cheryl ~

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Erika posted on facebook Jayce working in the yard.

Like most boys, he loves the outside.

Just love this little stinker!

~ cheryl ~

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring is around the Corner

I love this time of the year!

When Garry walked out the back door this morning,
4 deer were standing behind our camper.
They are beautiful and I love having them around the house.

Tonight Garry checked to see if the tractor would start and it did.
Love the smell of fresh cut grass and onions. Yes, we have some onions.
 In a few weeks we will be heading to my favorite place, the beach.
Sand between the toes, nice breeze and breaking waves.
Hope your getting ready for Spring !

~ cheryl ~