Monday, September 24, 2012

Erika & Dylan Wedding

Erika & Dylan Wedding: It's a beautiful day for a wedding !

Every thing was so lovely!

The morning started off at 9am and finally
finished at 2pm.

Garry, me, Romonia (sister), Clint, their best
friends Debbie and John was busy bees. Debbie
sure does know how to decorate!

I was a little late picking up the flowers, thank
goodness Romonia remembered the time.

Since the photographer didn't return Romonia's calls until
the night before, I was it,  Director and photographer

My stomach was knotted up and really nervous,
but thank goodness it all worked out.

Let the wedding begin:

Monroe Country Club, 3 pm

Romonia and Clint, looking good !
Erika and her uncle Todd
Bride and Groom
So sweet, the tears in their eyes.
To see more pics click on the below link,
didn't upload the 300 + I took:


I pray they have a wonderful and happy marriage!

~ cheryl ~

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sunday Ride

Sunday Ride:
Garry and I had to check out a business in
Rock Hill, SC. So after lunch we headed out.

It's a beautiful day for a ride and lucky for me
he drove. Since buying the Tahoe he has not
driven it much so I was able to enjoy the view.

The little town of Fort Mill, SC has not
changed much since our last visit.

On our way back home we stopped at
Andrew Jackson State Park.

Several of our friends camped there last month,
so I wanted to check it out. Now sure about it,
the sites were kinda small for our rig and not to level.

Several years ago we would get out and just ride.
It was a pleasure to do it today and so relaxing!

Hope your week end has been a nice one.

~ cheryl ~

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Asheville, NC ~ Camping

Asheville, NC ~ Camping:
This past week end we camped with friends at Asheville, NC

Rutledge Lake is a cute little campground and
we have camped here several times.

Since driving around Asheville is a pain, we decided on a
tour trolley of the entire area.

Chris and Sherry (friends)

Sunday night our truck messed up and we lost all the gauge
readings. Lucky for us we got back in our camping site
before the head lights went out. Once Garry turned off
the truck it would not start back up.

This was upsetting, since Monday was a holiday and we
just knew that all the Ford dealerships would be closed.

Thank God, Asheville Ford was open and they gave us
the number of a tow truck.Within a hour our truck was
loaded up on a roll back and heading out.

Since our friends had to go home Tuesday for a funeral,
we rented a car at Ford in case we had to stay longer.

To our surprise they called us several times with updates.
It was the alternator and they would call us back when ready.

While at the Hendersonville Apple Festival they called to
say we were all fixed and excitement was in the air!

The flowers at in Hendersonville were huge.
Chris being fun as always

To see more pictures of our week end click here:

Now I'm looking forward to our next trip in Oct.

~ cheryl ~