Monday, September 24, 2012

Erika & Dylan Wedding

Erika & Dylan Wedding: It's a beautiful day for a wedding !

Every thing was so lovely!

The morning started off at 9am and finally
finished at 2pm.

Garry, me, Romonia (sister), Clint, their best
friends Debbie and John was busy bees. Debbie
sure does know how to decorate!

I was a little late picking up the flowers, thank
goodness Romonia remembered the time.

Since the photographer didn't return Romonia's calls until
the night before, I was it,  Director and photographer

My stomach was knotted up and really nervous,
but thank goodness it all worked out.

Let the wedding begin:

Monroe Country Club, 3 pm

Romonia and Clint, looking good !
Erika and her uncle Todd
Bride and Groom
So sweet, the tears in their eyes.
To see more pics click on the below link,
didn't upload the 300 + I took:


I pray they have a wonderful and happy marriage!

~ cheryl ~


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