Sunday, November 10, 2013

What's happening ..

Not sure about every one else, but I do not like this time.
Why in the world don't they do 30 mins and leave it at that.
Suppose that's to easy !

Puddles is doing good on his chemo meds. I believe he
has a little more energy. May be we did the right thing by
putting him on it.

This week not much as been going on, work and home.
I had my mammogram and always worry about the
results since my grandma died of breast cancer.

Between now and Christmas mom or I have doctor appts
every week.  I have eye, dental and physical exams. While
Mom sees her arthritis doctor and a dermatologist. She
has a place on her nose that the biopsy's have come back
twice with cancer.  This doctor in Charlotte will remove
more tissue, test it and continue until all is clear the same
visit. I pray it's not much, since they cant go to deep with
the nose. But like mom said, we do what we have to do.

We bought a new Christmas tree last night. It's not as big
as the one we have and the branches fold up. I'm going to
like that, no more color coding. My old one is a nice tree
so I'm going to try and give it away. Think we will
decorate before we go to the beach Thanksgiving.
Love Christmas decorations!

Hope your week end has been a good one.

~ Cheryl ~

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Marianne said...

Sounds a lot like Joe and me. Lots of doctor appts. this time of year. Plus I had a small surgery and Joe has hand surgery scheduled for this Friday. Guess we're all trying to get in while our deductibles are met. Glad to hear Puddles is doin OK,

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