Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Surgery Day 1

Nervous, but ready to get started.

Prior to leaving home I was instructed to take
1 Valium and once at the office take another one.
This is to relax so the eye lids are relaxed.

Numbing shots were inserted alone the eye lids.
This was the worse part. The rest was only feeling
the pressure.

Dr A talked to me the entire time and didn't feel like
it took an hour. Before I knew it she was finished.
The hard part is over !

(for better view click on pic)

Now I start my home care for the swelling / bruising.

Morning / Evening
4 Arnice Montana tables melted under tongue
Auriderm gel around the eyes
Antibiotic cream on the incision
Every 30 mins
Ice pack on eyes

Must sleep on back with 2 pillows.

~ cheryl ~


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