Saturday, July 20, 2013

Counter Tops

My counter tops are solid surface.

Last year I had gotten a cleaner from Lowe's that made
them shine. Then you might know it, they stop carrying it.
So I purchased Magic that had they offered for my surface.

Big mistake, turned my counter tops were dull. I believed
this stuff stripped the finish off. Every time I went in Lowe's
I would look for something else.

Last night while at Lowe's I picked up a can of Granite Polish
and headed to the back to the counter tops. Found the solid surface
samples and asked the sales guy if he had a rag. The look he gave me
was priceless. Then I explain what happen with the Magic and
I wanted to try this polish before spending more money.

The granite polish  have other surfaces listed you could
use it on and to my surprise, it worked !
Now I have my shine back and I'm happy .... happy !

~ Cheryl ~


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