Thursday, July 25, 2013

Busy and Humid

It's been so hot and humid.  Last night I pushed mowed
around the house and while Garry was weed eating. Every
inch of my clothes and hair were wet and my face was so red.
A cold shower felt wonderful afterwards.

I've been in the cleaning mode.
This past weekend I cleaned out my closet.
Since having plantar fasciitis I can no longer wear my dress
shoes, so they all went to Goodwill. Sent 2 large trash bags
of clothes to a family to see if they could wear any of my
dresses and tops. Also flip flops that I had never worn.

Tonight it was the kitchen cabinets. I have a large cupboard
and it was a mess with no where to put food. Now all the can
foods are in order, old medicines trashed, plastic cups gone.
Looks empty now!

The bathroom closet is on the list for next week.

Hope your week has been a nice one!

~ Cheryl ~


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