Monday, July 01, 2013

Busy Monday

It's been a busy day at work.
Monday's are always hard at a doctors office.
But 5:00 does come and the day is over !

I ran home and grilled burgers. Put in a load
of laundry and was finished by 6:00.  yeehaw !

Garry has a new Driod phone, so we have been
working with it getting everything set up like he wants.
Right now he has internet but no texting, that will be next.
One thing at a time makes life much easier.

Romonia (sister) fell down her back door steps this morning
and injured her arm. The xrays showed no breaks, but she's
in pain and can't straighten her arm out. She will go to an
orthopedic if it doesn't show signs of getting better.

Hope you have had a good day !

~ Cheryl ~


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