Thursday, September 26, 2013

Puddles Update

Mr Puddles has a recheck appt yesterday.

First it was blood work and then we saw doctor.
Every thing is going well. The blood count is not getting
worse and some of the cells are up a tad. He's lost 1/2 lb
which is normal, but we hope he does not continue this.

I asked about his hair falling out and she didn't think it
would. When brushing him, I did get out more than normal.

Garry (med giver) can start cutting him back on the steroids
and he's now only one 1 chemo tablet a day.

The chemo med is hard to get, so I called the pharmacy in
Hickory and they were able to give me a refill. Dr Parfitt was
happy to hear this since she was going to have to start calling
in search for some.

Puddles next appt is Oct 22nd and we were glad about that!

~ chery ~


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