Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Puddles / Lab Work

As many of you know Puddles is our fur baby for sure.

He's one spoiled little guy!

Over 2 months ago he had lab work that came back bad.
His white and red blood cells were not good.

Our vet put him on antibiotics for a month and did more
lab work. Once again the results were bad and the numbers
were higher.

We were referred to Carolina Vet Specialist to see an internist.
(same office that did his knee surgery years ago)

Last Tuesday Puddles saw Dr Reed and more lab work was done.
One set of labs were sent to the Colorado University for testing.

Today we received the sad call from Dr Reed, Puddles has
B Cell Leukemia.  We knew things may go this way since
all the other test were coming back normal.

Dr Reed said they could put him on a chemotherapy pill that
could extended his life 2 years.  Dr Reed can't give us these
meds so Puddles will now have to see an Oncologists.

Friday Garry will take Puddles to see Dr Prafitt, Oncologist at
the same office.  I don't want Puddles to have radiation or
chemo due to making him sick so I hope the pills will work.

Please pray for our little guy.
Right now he's doing great and playing around.

I was going to post the $$ spent for visits and
labs so far, but decided again it.      
He's worth it!

~ Cheryl ~

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Marianne said...

Praying for Puddles.

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