Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Puddles Medicines

This week we have been talking with Puddles Oncologist
and getting the meds set up to start him on Friday.

The Chemo drug (Chlorambucil) was called into a
compounding pharmacy in Hickory. Since it's a 2 hour
drive to pick it up they are shipping it to us. From
what the Dr. said this compound is hard to get.

Puddles will take 2 capsules orally once daily for 7 days,
then  decrease to 1 daily until his recheck. We also have
to wear gloves when administering this drug.

He will also take Prednisone 1 tablet by mouth once daily . 

Due to these meds Puddles will also take Pepcid AC,
1/2 tablet every 12 hours for his stomach.

We will see Dr Parfitt in 2 weeks and have lab work done.
Will then decide how long Puddles will be on the Prednisone.
As of now, he will be on the chemo drug for 2 years.

Garry and I hope we are making the right decision.
Puddles is acting fine now but Dr Parfitt said in
3 months he will not.

We decided to try it, but if he gets really sick from
all this we will then stop every thing and let him
enjoy his life with us as long as he can. Dr Parfitt
said the side effects are limited and he should be fine.

Please pray for us and our furball baby.

~ Cheryl ~

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Marianne said...

I'm sure you are making the right decision - you know what's best for your little guy!

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