Friday, January 30, 2015

Tough Week

Boy has it been a hard week for all my co-workers.

My office is owned by a huge healthcare system and they
are changing the offices to a new care redesign process.

This means, everyone has to learn new ways of doing their
jobs that will serve the patients better.

One of our Doctors is now starting at 7am and this week was my
week to go in early so the front desk girl will be not there alone.
It was nice leaving at 4pm, but going in at 6:45 was a little hard.

I pray that things get better and much easier for the staff.
Several of the long time girls are suffering from additional job
functions and all the changes.  One of them has decided to retire
early and another one is considering it.

Most of my co-workers that have been with me for
26 + years, hate to see any of them leave!

~ cheryl ~


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