Sunday, January 25, 2015


I can't believe its been a month since my last post.

Suppose there is nothing exciting going on during the winter.

Garry's new truck died on us and had to be towed.
It just about didn't fit on the flat bed.

Thankfully warranty covered the tow bill. A sensor went out, so the motor
thought it was 4,000 degrees and shut every thing down.  The more new
stuff they add the more they break!

I got new glasses and have been trying to adjust to them. The last new pair
I had were sent back 3 times before they were right. I hate going back
and forth, it's a real pain. They always think I'm wrong.

Puddles has lab work this week and every thing was great.
Not great enough so we can stop some meds, but he's not getting
worse. He's also doing good getting adjusted to be blind.

We have been bless with great weather. Hope this continues with no
ice or snow storms. Our town shuts down with the 1st snow flake.

~ cheryl ~


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