Saturday, March 29, 2014

Antique Consignments

Yesterday Mom and I met for lunch and then we headed out to
several new consignment stores in our area.

I was looking for a larger table to put one of our
antique clocks on and found the perfect one.

I like it even better since I was able to talk
the guy down some on the price !
These little Russian Nesting Dolls caught my eye.
 The seller had them marked down 20%, now I have them!
 I wanted to put a chair in our spare bedroom so Garry
could sit down while putting on his shoes.
This rocking chair was calling my name.
I love the woven bottom and also was able to talk
the guy down on the price.
Some great deals !
It was a fun day and I love spending time with my Mom !
~ Cheryl ~


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