Friday, February 14, 2014

Back to Work

The sun has come out and all the snow is starting to melt.

My office was opening at noon and since the road had
been scrapped I would not have a problem. Garry called
me once he was at work to give me the main road conditions.

Our driveway was a mess, so I put the Tahoe in 4 wheel
drive auto and didn't have a problem at all.

It was so good to get out since I'm not a stay at home person.
Mom has always said I was born with wheels under my butt.
Between me and you, she was to. She goes some where every day.

I've had be dose of snow, now I'm ready for Spring!

~ Cheryl ~

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Patty Sumner said...

Me too Cheryl! The snow is melting off here too.. I do dread the sloppy muddy mess that is to come with the warmer temps.. But, I am so ready for Spring!!! Ready for sunshine and warmer temps..

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