Saturday, October 26, 2013


Tonight Garry, Mom, Morgan (niece)
Thomas and I went on the hayride.

The ride was in the woods with live scenes of the Bible.

The last scene was Hell (building we walked thru). People
were screaming and trying to get us to help them. I was
leading and once in the complete darkness area, we could not
find our way out. Finally some one way in the back turned
on their cell phone and the light helped us. To be in a place
you have never been in and total darkness was really tough
 just like it will be in Hell!

Several of the churches put together this event and it was
really good. Many of the scenes were scary and made you
think about life and death.

Holy Ghost Hayride

This was their 15th annual hayride and with all the
sponsors they have, I'm sure it will continue. If you live in
the area, make plans to attend next year.

~ Cheryl ~


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