Sunday, October 20, 2013

Beach Week

We have been on vacation this past week at the beach.

With Puddles being sick I waited to late to book a campsite in
 the mountains, since the leaves were near peak. So we are
always happy to hit the beach.

It was a nice week, went on another Dolphin cruise (saw nothing)
and saw the Legends Concert (was really good).

The cruise was 3 1/2 hrs and the weather was wonderful.

Several huge gambling boats pasted us coming in,
Shrimp Boat,
Sail Boat, plus many others.
On the beach several were fishing.
These guys were way out in the water (had my zoon lens).
This little bird was working hard for it's lunch.
Even the stink bugs were soaking up the sun.
This one was attached to our window, not one bit cute.
Enjoyed our time away and doing what ever we wanted to do.
"Love me some beach"

The bad news is we go back to work tomorrow.
No camping until Thanksgiving.

~ Cheryl ~


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