Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No Power

Last night Garry and I both went to bed at 10pm.

No more then 30 mins later I saw a flash and then no power.
This is not good, no air and my fan was silence. It's to quite
and I need my fan blowing in my face to sleep.

Garry walked outside to see what the problem was.
A dang snake hanging from top of the power pole
across the road. He was the devil than turned off
our power and now he's fried !

About 2 hours later a small power truck came to see what the
problem was since no others had called in a power outage.
Garry walked out to meet him and now he had to wait
for a bigger truck with bucket.

Finally at 3am we were saved, power back on.
Fan blowing in my face and only 3 more hours to sleep.

I hope those dang snakes stay in the woods
where they belong!      I hate snakes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Cheryl ~


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