Saturday, June 08, 2013

Janice's Birthday

While we were on vacation my dear friend
Janice celebrated her birthday.

In the past years they have had 4 cats that meant
a lot to them. Unfortunately, they are
gone now due to sickness.

Dusty was their last baby and it was
so sad when he got sick.
While in Pigeon Forge we visited a shop that
sand blasted words in large stones.  
A perfect present for Janice. 
Engraved stone with the cat's names and
a little cat playing with a butterfly.
This guy was our engraver, very nice guy.
But, it's heavy and wanted me to hurry.
Tonight we surprised Janice with her
memory rock and she loved it.
She had been wanting something with their names on it.
Happy late Birthday Janice, love ya !
The stones can be ordered on line
if your interested in purchasing one.
~ Cheryl ~


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