Saturday, April 27, 2013


We always take a week vacation in the Spring and Fall.

This time we didn't know where we wanted to go.
Disney, Beach, Mountains, Amish country, we had no ideal.

Garry said we could go to the beach and just relax.
Sitting by the ocean with my feet in the sand is good.

So I called the Travel Park where we always stay and no sites
were open that our rig could fit in. Guess that ideal is out.

With it being a holiday day week end, this could be a problem.
I called a little campground in the mountains that we like.

With only 2 sites open, I took booked one.

Pigeon Forget Tn,  Pine Mountain RV Park

We enjoy the mountains so I'm excited to get a site.
The beach will see us soon, July 4th.

~ Cheryl ~


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