Friday, August 24, 2012

Strange Man

Strange Man:

Tonight we had dinner with our friends,
Chris, Sherry, Barbara and Sherrill.

After dinner we headed to Matthews for
some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

The red hot sign was on  !!!

Since the weather is nice and cool,
we sat out side in front of the building.

The place was busy and a man walks up to our table
wanting to know if we want to hear a funny joke.
He said something about teeth and I glanced over my
shoulder and he was pulling his teeth out.  OMG

I looked away while the others looked at him.
He continued to tell jokes, said "god bless" and walked
inside. We all said lets go and hurried back to the car.
While driving away we saw him coming back
out the door with no doughnuts.

Don't know if he was homeless,
but he sure gave us a bad feeling.

 It's a shame when you have to watch your back
getting those yummy and hot doughnuts !

People are so stranger.

~ cheryl ~


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