Thursday, May 24, 2012

My kind of day !

My kind of day !:

It's been such a beautiful day

Time on the beach

Then a movie to see, The Lucky One.

Later I decided a walk on the beach would be nice.
But I was really surprised what I was fixing to see !

Several police trucks were on the beach and lots of people
gathered, so I walked that way.

People had seen some thing floating in the water and the
cops were on top of their trucks with binoculars looking.

I was afraid the someone had died, so I continue to walk.

On my way back I saw 2 guys really far out in the ocean and
it looked like that were pulling some thing to shore.

I stopped and asked a couple what was it and they said a turtle.
Thank goodness it was not a person, so I stayed.
I will never again be able to witness the rescue of a 50 year
old sick turtle from the ocean. It was huge and looked heavy.

Some one was there that knew about them and said it was
trying to get to shore.

Another truck arrived and they loaded it up. I asked what
would happen to it now and they told us (she) would be
taken to a hospital in Charleston, SC.

I hate the other didn't get to see it,
but I didn't have my phone with me.

(will take little camera next time)

~ cheryl ~


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