Thursday, May 17, 2012


It's been such a busy and strange week.

Our friends learned Tuesday that their RV had been hit by
lighting and the wiring was bunt. Last Wednesday we had
a very bad storm so that had to be when it happen.

They were getting the rv ready for a big camping trip next
week is why the problem was just discovered.

Lighting hit the radio antenna and ran inside the rv, burnt a hole
inside the cabinet hitting the radio, tv and power converter.
Surprising the whole thing didn't burn up!

Garry called another friend and worked on it for 2 nights.
The power converter was replaced and power is back on.

Now to deal with the insurance co to pay for the
converter, tv, radio and labor to fix it all.

At least they can still go on vacation.

That is a lesson for us to check the rv
1-2 weeks prior to vacations.

~ cheryl ~


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