Sunday, October 26, 2014


We have had heavy heart these past 2 week.

Since Puddles being diagnosis with diabetes he has lost his sight.
Now he can't see anything and it's so sad to watch him struggle
with getting around. The blindness has come from cataracts that
went wild with his sugar being so high (700).

He's up to 8 cc of insulin and hates the shots. I have to hold him
tight while Garry gives the shot, he will cry out every time.

Every Friday he goes to the vet for the day to have blood sugar
testing at different hours. The readings have been going up and
down, which is not good.

We can't take him being blind, so we're going to have the cataracts
removed. This is not cheap, $3600, for both eyes, not including
the blood work and EKG prior to surgery in Charlotte.

I have contact the NC State Vet School in Raleigh and for both
eyes it's $2300 - $2600. The only problem it that its a 3 hour drive
and we have to make several trips. But you do what you have to.

Puddles meds are now Chemo pills, Thyroid pills and Insulin.
He's such a little trooper!

~ Cheryl ~


Steph said...

Hate to hear about Puddles, praying things work out!

Marianne said...

Poor Puddles, such a good boy! He's lucky to have you as parents, a lot of people would have given up on him by now.

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