Saturday, July 19, 2014


As several of you already know,
we had truck problems during vacation.

While going up the mountains pulling the RV the truck
would drop speed fast. The turbo was not pushing
power to the motor.

We took it to Asheville Ford and spent $2,000
to get it repaired and had to rent a car for the 3 days.

Every thing was great while driving it around town.
But once we hooked up to come home, the turbo
would not send power to the motor.

I called the service guy that had been helping us to let
him know that once again the truck would not pull and
that was the problem we had brought it in for.  I told him
to call our local Ford dealer and informed them of what
all they had done to the truck.

I prayed the entire time, on our way home and me made it.
No tow truck !

We talked about taking it back in for repair. Since it was
not fixed the 1st time we decided that what repairs they
did would not be the repairs that were needed. They would
say it was something else and cost  more money.
Like the turbos needed to be replaced.

Our decision was to trade it and get a bigger motor.

Here is Garry's new ride.
The old truck was a 250 short bed, this one is a 350 long bed.
It has more get up and go, so we are hoping it will pull better.

I have called Asheville Ford several times, hoping to get some
of my labor charge back, but on one has returned my calls.

 That's how life is, always someone out there ready to screw you over.

Garry loves his new truck and that's all that matters !

~ cheryl ~

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Steph said...

good looking truck! We have a red and a white crew cab F250.

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