Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Eye Glasses

While we were at the beach I got a call that my new
glasses were ready at Walmart eye center. I didn't get my
glasses from my eye doctor since they are so expensive.

When I put them on, I had trouble seeing with them,
but I know that your eyes have to adjust to new lens.

Yesterday I wore them all day. My eye balls hurt and
could not focus but I continued to try them. On the way
home I was so fed up with them I just yanked them off.

Garry and I headed to Walmart to make sure the lens
matched with my scrip. Bill (employee) checked my
scrip on my current glasses and the new scrip was double
strength. I could not believe this.

Today I went back to my eye doctor and she admitted
she messed up and felt bad about it. Tonight back to
Walmart with my new scrip and now new lens are ordered.

I have to say that Bill is wonderful and has gone out of
the way to assist me.

If you live near me and wear glasses, I recommend Bill
at the Walmart in Monroe for your next glasses.
(tell him I sent you)

~ Cheryl ~

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RETA said...

That is such a funny story! Oh my goodness . . .


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