Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dolphin Cruise

Hope every one has been doing well.

Garry and I went camping to the beach, it was nice but so hot!

We took our first Dolphin Cruise and I was so excited.

On the way out to the ocean we saw some beautiful homes.
One of the old bridges had to turn for us to go by.
Shrimp boat
Several boats were enjoying the waves we were making.
The cruise was 2 1/2 hours. It took us an hour to reach the ocean.
On our way we were pulling a net and these guys were caught.
This is the biggest shrimp I have ever seen!
Baby Shark
I love light houses and grabbed this shot on the way back in.
Unfortunately we didn't see any dolphins and the captain said this
was surprising. He said usually they are following the boats.
Lucky for us this cruise guaranteed dolphin sightings so
we were given tickets to use on any trip, any time, any year.
Now you can't beat that deal.
We still enjoyed ourselves!
~  Cheryl ~

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Looks like fun!

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