Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Busy Vacation

Since the holiday visitors have gone it's really
nice here and the traffic is great.

Monday we did a little shopping and later that
evening went to Cades Cove.  It's best to go in the
evening as many deer are out feeding. As driving
around we saw around 20 deer. This time they had
horses in the meadow.

Today we left the rv early. Had breakfast at McDonalds
and headed to the Bush Brothers Bean Factory. This
place is huge and the farm house where the family
was raised is still standing. Everyone living near the
factory are relatives.
The Forbidden Cavern were nexts on our list.
We visited here over 10 years ago, but since it's hot
and the temp inside is always 58 we decided to
take the tour.
I love caverns, but also worry about being trapped inside.
Our final adventure for the day was a show
 Didn't take many pics due to the lighting.
It was a great show and worth the money !
~ Cheryl ~

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Steph said...

One of our favorite places to vacation! We're going to Gatlinburg at the end of June, can't wait! I hope to be able to start our yearly camping trip to Cades Cove back next year. Hopefully Reed will be potty trained by then, lol.

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