Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vitamin's ~ Energy

Vitamin's ~ Energy:
As many of you know and read on here,
I'm always busy doing something.

At 55 years old, I don't take any type
of vitamins. Only fish oil and something
to help me sleep at night.

For a while now Garry and I have noticed
that my memory is not good at times. And
also some fatigue has been setting in.

One of our Doctors said for me to start taking
vitamin B-12 (5000 mcg) and it would help.
He had started taking it and can see a
change in his memory.

I'm so surprised that in 2 weeks I can really
tell a difference.  My mind is much clearer and no
problems with my memory. Also my energy level
is out of the roof and I have lost 4 lbs.

(Vitamin B12-also known as cobalamin, is needed for the
proper development and functioning of blood cells, nerve cells,
skeletal and cardiac muscle cells; and the brain.)

I've also started taking vitamin D.
My blood work last month showed my
levels are very low, so this has to help. 
I feel so much better, even great!

If you're tried and need a boost, you may
want to look into these vitamins.

~ cheryl ~


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