Friday, July 20, 2012


Today was my afternoon off at work.
Since Erika (niece) had a hair appt I baby sat Jayce.

We had the best time and he's a busy 7 month old.

He laughs and baby talk all the time.

The only time he cried a second was a bad diaper.
Now that was a job, he was all over the bed and hard to hold down.

Puddles stayed in our bedroom for a while so Jayce could get
down and play. Puddles didn't bother him, but Jayce just
had to have him and I wanted both to be safe.
My house is not baby proof, so I was one step behind.
He wants to walk so bad and several times stood up.
But I would sat him back down. No booboos at my house!
I think he enjoyed himself and I enjoyed him.
Love those big blue eyes!

~ cheryl ~


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